IKHLAS Savings Prime Takaful

Save while being protected. An ideal plan comprising the element of savings and takaful protection.
Coverage Highlights:
High protection for death and TPD
Double indemnity for Death & TPD while travelling in public conveyance or as a victim from an act of crime
Comprehensive riders such as accidental, hospital income and critical illness riders
Up to 5 times partial cash withdrawal

IKHLAS Ilhamku

With the combination of protection and savings plan, you can create a comfortable life for your child's future.
Coverage Highlights:
High protection for parents
Savings for education
Extended excellence rewards with academic, sports, music or Quran-related study.
Special & Fund Value payout for schooling expenses.

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You are our priority. Takaful IKHLAS continues to expand its range of products and services to meet its customers' developing needs. Save with us and let us take care of you.

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IKHLAS Comprehensive Private Car Takaful

Protecting you from liability to another party of injury or death, damage to the property of others and accidental, fire or theft of your vehicle. Get a Quote

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