IKHLAS Savings Prime Takaful



IKHLAS Savings Prime Takaful
Fulfill your financial goal
What does this product provide?

Death/TPD benefit


Maturity/Surrender benefit
- receive balance in the PIA


Top-Up Option
- minimum amount of ONLY RM50


Cash Withdrawal Option
- up to 5 withdrawals allowed from PIA


Surplus distribution (if any)

TPD : Total and permanent disability
Who is eligible to apply?

30 days - 60 years old

How to apply?

Through Takaful IKHLAS' Agents

Attachable Riders
  • IKHLAS Term Secure Takaful Rider (level/ reducing)

  • IKHLAS Accidental Death & Disability Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Critical Illness Secure Takaful Rider (accelerated/ additional)

  • IKHLAS Hospital Benefit Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Waiver of Contribution Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Payor Savings Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Regular Top Up Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Immediate Death Expense Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Family Income Benefit Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Comprehensive Personal Accident Benefit Secure Takaful Rider

  • IKHLAS Medical Secure Takaful Rider



We all have dreams and goals we aspire to achieve and realise, your dreams shouldn’t be beyond your financial reach. IKHLAS SAVINGS PRIME TAKAFUL is a saving plan that helps you save systematically to optimise return on your investment with individual protection.

Realise your dreams and achieve your goals knowing that no matter what happens, your savings is secured for you and your loved ones.