IKHLAS Bersama



IKHLAS Bersama
We’re All in This Together!
What does this product provide?

Accelerated Death Expense
- immediate financial assistance of 10% basic sum covered or up to RM20,000 will be paid to your family with no questions asked


Death benefit
- the balance of your sum covered and savings (in your Participant’s Individual Fund) will be payable to your loved ones


Variety of optional riders for you to choose


Top-up option
- you have the flexibility to choose either regular or ad-hoc top-up to grow your savings


Partial withdrawal
- we’ve got your back! You can partially withdraw your savings in times of need


Maturity benefit
- you can enjoy cash value in your savings upon maturity

Who is eligible to apply?

30 days – 70 years old

How to apply?

Through Takaful IKHLAS’ agent

Attachable Riders
  • TPD Rider

  • TPD Waiver Rider

  • Medical Rider

  • CI Rider

  • CI Waiver Rider

  • Comprehensive CI (CCI) Rider

  • Child CI Rider

  • Child Waiver Rider

  • Hospital Income Rider

  • Accidental Death & Disability (ADD) Rider

  • Comprehensive PA (CPA) Rider

  • Payor Rider


IKHLAS Bersama was designed with you in mind - a product that should always be there with you and your loved ones throughout your life. Let us help you be prepared for the uncertainties so you can live your life to the fullest.


S : Safeguard you with wide range of coverage
A : Accelerated Death Expense – swift payment with no questions asked
M : Mix and match riders
A : Affordable contribution