IKHLAS Basic Term Takaful



IKHLAS Basic Term Takaful
Security for the Loved Ones
What does this product provide?

Death / TPD benefit


Double Indemnity
- upon accidental death/ TPD


Dengue benefit


Pre-packaged & available in 5 plans


Commission free product


Simplified underwriting
- only 7 questions on Lifestyle and Health

TPD : Total and permanent disability
Who is eligible to apply?

Between age 17 to 55 years old

Age basis: age next birthday
How to apply?
Calculate your protection Gap

Calculate your protection here


Throughout our life, we cannot run from those trying and tough times. Life situations like deaths and the suffering from Total Permanent Disability (TPD) can affect our emotions and courage to move on, especially if it involves family members and people close to us.

Besides this, epidemic like dengue are also on the rise whereby World Health Organization (WHO) has classified 2015 by a large dengue outbreak worldwide. As at 9th July 2016, the death toll from dengue has reached 134 cases nationwide.

And, to go about our daily business, one cannot avoid travelling these days. Travelling by road can be very challenging as there is an increase in the number of registered vehicles by 17% in 2014 as compared to year 20112. Not only that we are exposed to road accidents, we are also open to other mishaps and injuries.

For this, we have come up with IKHLAS BASIC TERM TAKAFUL that covers these unforeseen events and uncertainties to manage the living cost of you and your loved ones. This will ensure that your financial responsibilities are well protected, even at your hardest times.