IKHLASlink Mediplan Secure Takaful Rider



IKHLASlink Mediplan Secure Takaful Rider
What does this product provide?

Hospitalisation and Surgical Care Benefit


Long-Term Care & other medical benefits


Optional - Cancer and Kidney dialysis benefits


No annual limit


ONLY bear the difference in the Room and Board upon upgrade


No Claims Reward


Pre-packaged & available in 10 plans

Who is eligible to apply?

Takaful Participant : 11 – 70 years old, age next birthday


Person Covered : 30 days – 70 years old, age next birthday

How to apply?

Through Takaful IKHLAS' Agents

Attachable Riders

This product is a rider hence can be attached to:


IKHLASLink Secure Takaful


Securing life uncertainties. With IKHLASlink Mediplan Secure Takaful Rider, you are at comfort knowing that your hospitalization and medical costs will be covered in the event of mishaps and admission to the hospital. The plan helps to ease your financial burden.

This is a guaranteed renewable unit deducting Hospitalisation and Surgical (H&S) rider which is attachable to regular Takaful Contribution investment-linked Takaful plans.