IKHLAS Individual Medical Secure Takaful Rider



IKHLAS Individual Medical Secure Takaful Rider
Platinum - An exclusive medical plan that puts you first
Gold - A medical plan that puts you in charge
Silver - An affordable medical plan that puts your family first
What does this product provide?

Cashless Plan to match your budget


An affordable plan to cover all your important medical needs


No co-takaful to avoid uncertain bills and confusion


High Lifetime Limits


Long-Term Care, subject to Annual and Lifetime Limit


Medical Report Fee and Government Service Tax covered


Wellness Benefit to reward you for being healthy


Takaful Certificate Maturity/surrender Benefit - for ordinary plan only

Who is eligible to apply?

up to 70

How to apply?

Through Takaful IKHLAS' Agents

Attachable Riders

This product is a rider hence can be attached to the following basic plan:

  • IKHLAS Premier Investment-Linked Takaful Plus (ILT)

  • IKHLAS Savings Prime Takaful (ordinary)

  • IKHLAS Wanita Elegance Takaful (ordinary)


This rider is attachable to a regular Takaful Contribution individual family plan. It provides comprehensive medical coverage, by reimbursing your medical expenses incurred in the event of hospitalisation, surgery or outpatient medical treatment as specified in the Schedule of Benefits. There are ten (10) plans available under this rider, with different levels of benefits and gross contributions. Participants have the option to participate in the cashless option that allows hassle-free hospital admission with its medical card or opt for the non-cashless option to match the coverage to the Participant’s budget.