IKHLAS Home Protect Takaful



IKHLAS Home Protect Takaful
A comprehensive coverage for your residence and household
What does this product provide?

This product provides a more comprehensive cover for your residential property and household against loss or damages due to fire, lighting, explosions, flood, bursting of water pipe and more extensive perils stated in the Takaful Certificate schedule.

  • A comprehensive residential property and household protection under a single certificate
  • Faster and easier claims process
  • Returns of surplus (if any) for certificates with no claims
FREE IKHLAS Waqf & Endowment (IWE) worth RM1,000* for every individual certificate

* Terms & conditions apply

Who is eligible to apply?



Owner of premises


Tenant of premises

How to apply?

Through Takaful IKHLAS's Intermediaries

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