Be in comfort knowing that your hospitalization and medical costs are covered. Choose from ten plans for a comprehensive hospitalization and medical coverage.

Get yourself protected with a comprehensive medical coverage that promises a hassle-free hospital admission in the event of accidents or other unfortunate medical events or for when you are hospitalised, require surgery or outpatient medical treatment.

Critical Illness

To give you assurance at the most critical time of your life in the event you are diagnosed with cancer, stroke or heart attack.

Health is wealth. Get yourself covered with a comprehensive critical illness plan specifically covering the medical cost for life-threatening critical illnesses. to ease your financial burden.

Let us provide protection and peace of mind for you and your family in the case that you are diagnosed with a critical illness. The rider is created to provide protection against financial loss should you be affected by any of the 36 critical illnesses.

Trust us to help you ease your financial burden should you be diagnosed with any of the 36 critical illnesses.


With IKHLASlink Child Secure Takaful Rider, your children are protected against illnesses resulting from a compromised body immunisation system especially during their growing up phase. The plan helps to ease your financial burden specifically covering the cost for child-specific illnesses for your little ones.


Securing life uncertainties. With IKHLASlink Lady Secure Takaful Rider, women are empowered to protect themselves as they play a greater role in the society at large, be it within a family institution or in a competitive working world. The plan helps to ease their financial burden specifically for lady-related illnesses.


This plan aims to deflect the financial burden you face while hospitalised. The plan is specially designed to provide daily hospital income benefit in the event the Person Covered is hospitalised due to any causes.

Securing life uncertainties. IKHLASlink Hospital Income Secure Takaful Rider is a Takaful Rider that aims to deflect the financial burden you face while hospitalised. The plan provides a cash amount for the duration of the Takaful Participant’s hospitalisation. This Rider plan can only be obtained when attached to a Basic Plan.

This rider provides Takaful Participant with daily cash allowance in the event of Takaful Participant’s hospitalisation resulting from sickness, illness or accidental injuries.