IKHLAS Group Term Takaful



IKHLAS Group Term Takaful
What does this product provide?

Death benefit


This product can be customised according to group

Who is eligible to apply?

Open for compulsory or voluntary group basis from age 30 days up to 79 years old. This limit may vary from group to group according to underwriting decision.

How to apply?

to contact EB team

Supplementary Benefits
  • Total & Permanent Disability benefit

  • Partial Permanent Disability benefit

  • 36 critical illness benefit

  • Hospital benefit

  • Immediate Death Expenses benefit

  • Total Temporary Disability benefit (NEW)*

  • Partial Temporary Disability benefit (NEW)*

  • Terminal Illness benefit (NEW)*

  • Repatriation benefit (NEW)*

  • Outpatient medical reimbursement benefit (NEW)*


This plan provides comprehensive coverage for the medical expenses incurred due to:

  • Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Care Benefit
  • Group Out-patient Specialist Care Benefit; and
  • Group Out-patient General Practitioner Care Benefit) "From product intro