Non-Motor Claims



How to make claims
Procedure for Non-Motor Claims

Step 1

Report it to the relevant authorities within 24 hours if there is an event involving death, injury, damage or loss.

Step 2

Inform Takaful IKHLAS by contacting our Customer Service at 03-2723 9999 (office hours) or go to the nearest branch and fill the claims forms provided in the website. Provide the full name of the Participant / Student, postal address and telephone number to be contacted, cover note/ certificate number.

Step 3

Submit supporting documents as evidence of the incident and the loss / injury suffered. Supporting claim documents vary according to your protection product certificate.

Step 4

Takaful IKHLAS will notify you if there are any additional documents to process your claim.

Step 5

Takaful IKHLAS will appoint a loss adjuster if necessary to evaluate your claim. The loss adjuster will contact you for this purpose.