Pillar 3 : Timely, Transparent & Efficient Service






Deliver a seamless service wherein customers are aware of:

  • Our responsibilities towards customers.
  • Expected service standard and time taken to deliver these services, i.e. time taken to answer enquiries / resolve complaints.
  • Where and how to obtain information required i.e. product features and costs.


Expected Outcome

Customer Satisfaction





We set clear responsibilities towards customers and uphold it.

We believe that you are entitled to efficient, honest and fair treatment in your dealings with us, especially if something goes wrong.

We want to know straight away if we can improve our service and welcome your feedback as we genuinely want to resolve any problem you may have. If we have not met your expectations, please let us know.




We set clear expectation on time taken for various services.


  1. Deliver of Services : Information on turnaround time on delivery of services are available in this charter via website www.takaful-ikhlas.com.my. The same information can be obtained from following channels:
    Customer Call Center03-27239696
    Branches13 branches nationwide (Branch locator : https://www.takaful-ikhlas.com.my/ikhlas-contact/locate-us)

  2. Serve walk-in customers promptly. Customer’s waiting time at branches is within 10 minutes.




We will ensure efficient certificate servicing and providing relevant documentation in a timely manner.


  1. Customers shall be informed of each step and documentation required to alter, renew, surrender or cancel a certificate, e.g. what happens when there are changes to the certificate, notice on renewal, etc. as well as consequence arising from any of these actions.

  2. Customers are to be reminded in the renewal notice to inform us of any changes in the risk before renewal.

  3. We clearly comply with the standard operating procedure on dealings with customers.




Family & Medical Takaful


We will ensure efficient certificate servicing and provide relevant documentation in a timely manner.


  1. Family Certificate Turnaround Time (from receipt of full documentation, information and payment of premium):
    1. Certificate Issuance (upon acceptance in the system) for New and Existing Customer:
      • Standard cases – within 5 working days
      • Additional information required / pre-existing medical condition / complex cases – within 10 working days

    2. Change of policy account details (endorsement):
      • Non-financial Certificate Changes - within 3 working days
      • Financial Changes Standard cases - within 5 working days
      • Financial Changes Non-Standard cases - within 10 working days

    3. Reinstatement: within 10 working days (with payment & complete documentation).

  2. Renewal notice issuance:
    • For certificate with guaranteed renewal, contribution due notice will be issued not less than 30 calendar days before the next contribution due date.
    • Notification of Revised Contribution to renewable basic term certificate / term rider will be issued not less than 30 calendar days before the expiry of existing certificate / rider.

  3. Cancellation/surrendering of certificate: 10 working days upon receipt of full documents (include processing of refund contribution).

  4. Issuance of medical / hospitalization card for individuals - Within same business day of certificate issuance.

Note: The timelines above do not take into account onboarding process – insurers/takaful operators have their own onboarding process/introduction to its products and services.





General Takaful

We will ensure efficient certificate servicing and provide relevant documentation in a timely manner.


  1. Certificate Issuance (upon acceptance in the policy system) for New and Existing Customer:
    • Motor e-certificate : immediately
    • Motor Manual certificate : 5 working days (with the exception of new vehicles to be registered with JPJ)
    • Non-Motor - within 10 working days (applicable for individuals only, not applicable to group certificates)

  2. Change of certificate details / reissuance upon lapse / endorsement (upon acceptance in the certificate system):
    • Motor : within 3 working days
    • Non-Motor : within 5 working days

  3. Renewal notice issuance: 30 calendar days before expiry of existing certificate.

  4. Cancellation/ surrendering of certificate (including refund of contribution).
    • Motor - within 5 working days
    • Non-Motor - within 7 working days

Note: The timelines above do not take into account onboarding process – insurers / takaful operators have their own onboarding process / introduction to its products and services.




We will be open and transparent in our dealings.


The following information shall be easily accessible and made available through the various channels of communication such as branches / brochures / call centers / website:

  • Product related details, i.e. product features, product disclosure sheets, terms and conditions, key facts and exclusions will be shared at the point of sale.
  • Fees, charges (other than contributions), and profit (if any) as well as obligations in the use of a product or service (e.g. when contribution needs to be paid and explaining payment before cover warranty).
  • Anti-fraud statement and key points to remember, i.e. confidentiality of customer information, free look period of not less than 15 calendar days (life & family takaful) & insurers’ / takaful operators’ right to reject or accept applications.
  • All the above information shall be explained and stated using simple words and in an easy to understand manner.




We will follow through and provide the requisite answers / updates to customers’ queries & complaints promptly


  1. Phone
    • Where no follow up is required – Immediate such as first call resolution.
    • Where follow up is required – Within 3 working days from the date of the first call.

  2. Written (Email, fax, written letter & social media)
    1. Email / Social media:
      • Provide acknowledgement response within 1 calendar day.
      • Acknowledgement to include expected timeline and any other relevant information.
      • Non-complex enquiry - respond within 3 working days from date of receipt.
    2. Letter or fax: Enquiries will be replied within 3 working days from the date of receipt on non-complex enquiries.

  3. Counter / Branches:
    • Where no follow up is required, insurers / takaful operators will endeavor to provide first touch point resolution immediately.
    • Where follow-up is required : within 5 working days from the date of the first visit.

Note: Where enquiry is complex, insurers / takaful operators will provide a reasonable timeframe and keep the customer updated accordingly.





We will ensure consistent and thorough complaints handling


  1. Customers may submit their complaints via :
    Branchescomplaint form will be made available at the counter.

    13 branches nationwide (Branch locator : https://www.takaful-ikhlas.com.my/ikhlas-contact/locate-us)

  2. A verification process will be performed on the certificate holders / participants.

  3. We are responsible for resolving your complaint. If we need to pass it to someone else due to the nature or complexity of the enquiry / complaint, we will keep you informed. We will confirm the details of your complaint and clarify if we are unsure.

  4. We will address the issue in an equitable, objective and timely manner by informing the complainants on our no later than 14 calendar days from the date of the receipt of the complaints.

  5. If the case is complicated or requires further investigation, insurers / takaful operators shall inform the complainant accordingly and update progress every 14 calendar days. If not resolved, to update within another 14 calendar days. Thereafter, after every 30 calendar days.

  6. We will keep the complainants updated if we are unable to address issues within the stipulated timeframe.

  7. We shall refer the complainants to the next level of escalation (redress avenue) if the resolutions are not to the satisfaction of the complainants.

If you remained dissatisfied and wish to pursue further within 6 months from the date we have completed the resolution process, you may refer to :


Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) (664393P)
(formerly known as Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB))
Level 14, Main Block
Menara Takaful Malaysia
No. 4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
50000 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone No03-2272 2811
Fax No03-2272 1577

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)
LINK & Regional Office,
Bank Negara Malaysia,
P.O Box 10922 50929 Kuala Lumpur
 Telephone No: 1-300-88-5465
 Fax No: 03-2174 1515
 E-mail: bnmtelelink@bnm.gov.my





A complaint/dispute involving financial services or products or Islamic financial services or product, developed, offered or marketed by a Member, or by a Member for or on behalf of another person, other than a complaint/dispute under paragraphs 2 and 3

up to RM250,000


A complaint/dispute on motor third party property damage insurance/takaful claims. - up to RM10,000

up to RM10,000


A complaint / dispute on: an unauthorized transaction through the use of a designated payment instruments or a Islamic designated payment instruments or payment channel such as Internet banking, mobile banking, telephone banking or automated teller machine (ATM);

up to RM25,000

up to RM25,000


an unauthorized use of a cheque as defined in section 73 of the Bills of Exchange Act 1949 (Act 204).

up to RM25,000


Note: Complaints handling and timelines is governed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)’s Guidelines on Complaints Handling and insurers / takaful operators shall operate accordingly.